What is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative process assisting personal development and self awareness. It can be used for personal and/or professional goals. Coaching is an empowering process, challenging perceptions and self limiting beliefs.

Coaching is about change and transformation. It is about your ability to grow and is more about asking you questions, than providing you with answers. By challenging some of your present perceptions and belief systems, at work and in life, I assist you in finding new ways forward to achieve your goals. Coaching can help you achieve your potential and change the direction your life is going in. I will help you clarify your options, set goals and develop action plans to achieve those goals. Moving forward in a structured and focused way, at your pace and to your agenda, helping you identify old behaviour patterns, learn strategies for dealing with things differently in a range of situations. Coaching helps you take more control over your life, achieve your goals and improve your self belief.

Some of the Benefits of Coaching:

    Increasing your self awareness

    Increasing your self responsibility

    Increasing your self belief

    Working through any self limiting beliefs and fears

    Exploring what may be keeping you stuck

  • Life Coaching

Life Coaching may be about exploring and re-evaluating personal and professional priorities. As the coaching process proceeds, new personal goals may emerge.

  • Work based Coaching

I form a 3-way contract with the coachee and the organisation, to agree the purpose and goals of the coaching sessions. At the end of the contract, we revisit this to evaluate progress. The content of the coaching sessions is confidential however.

  • Academic Performance Coaching

Having previously worked for several years as a Lecturer in higher and further education, I assist students with concerns around self belief with regard to dissertations, assignments, exam stress, anxiety about giving presentations, performance etc.

We work collaboratively, helping with:

     Goal setting    
     Overcoming procrastination, fear of failure, or destructive perfectionism which hinders performance    
     Writers block

         Exploring and challenging any self limiting beliefs about capability

  • Wellbeing Coaching                                                                                                                                                                                         
Working with issues concerning health and wellbeing                                                                                                                                                                                   

How I work as a Coach:

We’re here for a purpose and a goal. Working together in partnership, I will assist you in getting you where you want to be, holding your overall goals in mind in every session. I will encourage you to rise to challenges, overcome obstacles and get into action. My expectation as a coach is that work will be done between sessions. We will regularly evaluate our coaching relationship, to ensure we are working together effectively to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Length of sessions and how often?

1 hour, usually monthly, negotiable to suit individual needs

Where are the sessions held?

I work from a base in Otley and Leeds, West Yorkshire

I also provide 'Walk and Talk' Coaching sessions outdoors

I additionally provide Coaching sessions on Skype

How does Coaching differ from Therapy?

There is more of a focus on solutions

It doesn't require an in-depth level of self-analysis in order to create results

It is a briefer intervention of usually between 4-6 sessions

Code of Ethics:

As a Coach, I adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions. The BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) has a complaints procedure, a copy of which is available on request. www.bacp.co.uk

I participate in continuing professional development activities and regular supervision.